52_Daniel Wedge - Property Services Manager.jpg


Daniel Wedge - Property Services Manager




                52_Brian Gilmartin - Repairs Service Co-ordinator.jpg           


Brian Gilmartin - Repairs Service Co-ordinator




52_Alistair Harkness - Services Officer.jpg


Alistair Harkness - Services Officer





52_Iain Pickering - Project Officer.jpg


Iain Pickering - Services Officer       




52_Ali Dowlatshah - Services Officer.jpg


Ali Dowlatshah - Services Officer                       




52_Caroline Mills - Services Officer (Factoring).JPG



Caroline Mills - Services Officer (Factoring)



52_Ciaran O'Grady - Services Officer.jpg


Ciaran O'Grady - Services Officer   




52_Tim O'Rourke - Services Administrator.jpg



Tim O'Rourke - Services Administrator





52_Stephen Dougherty - Services Officer.jpg



Stephen Dougherty - Services Officer


Calendar - Incorrect Telephone Number

Please note that the office telephone number on our 2018 Calendar is incorrect and our main switchboard telephone number is 0141 331 6650. We apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Press Statement

Please follow this link to read statement provided to the press 8/12/17 regarding Berkeley Street Bins.