This service is for emergencies only.  For further information please refer to your Tenancy Agreement, or click the link to the repairs section of the Tenants Handbook at the bottom of this page.  For advice out-with normal office hours, contact our concierge service on 0141 428 3247.  Certain repairs you report to us will be qualifying repairs.  Please click on this link for further information on your Statutory Right to Repair.


Emergency Repairs Rechargeable Repairs
Where there is a risk to health, safety or security, or where a delay in attending may result in significant damage to the property.   Water ingress to your home, lift break-downs and loss of central heating/hot water (in cold weather) are examples. Loss of TV signal, and tripped electrics due to a fault in your appliances are NOT Emergency Repairs.  If you contact an out-of-hours contractor for a repair that is not an emergency, or for a repair that is your responsibility, you will be recharged the full cost, including the premium call-out rate which is often in excess of 150.00.  Repairs caused by faults in your appliances will also be recharged to you. 

                                      Out of Hours Emergency Numbers

Emergency Type Company Phone Number Comments
Gas Leaks National Grid 0800 111 999 N/A
Electric Supply Faults Scottish Power 0845 27 27 999 N/A
Mains Water or Drainage Faults Scottish Water 0800 731 0840 Water Faults
Mains Water or Drainage Faults Scottish Water 0845 601 8855 Information Line
Roads & Street Lighting Faults City Lighting 0800 37 36 35 (Not stair or back court lighting)
Police Emergency N/A 999 Non-emergency 111
Social Work GCC 0800 811 505 N/A
Homelessness Hamish Allan Centre 0800 838 502 N/A
Housing Support (Keith Court/Walker Court)     Cordia            0141 276 2020  N/A

For General Stock (Inc Hyndland) Company Phone Number Comments
Gas Central Heating Breakdowns   James Frew 01294 468 113     N/A
All Trades & Electric Heating Faults GWHA Concierge  0141 428 3247 N/A
Stair Lights Totallis Solutions 0141 889 0089 Stair Lighting        

Hyndland Concierge

GWHA 0141 428 3248 N/A


For Argyle Stock Company Phone Number Comments
All trades inc gas/electric heating faults City Building 0800 595 595    NA
Chute Blockages Concierge As Below NA
Blythswood Court Concierge GWHA 0141 428 3246 NA 

St Vincent Terrace Concierge

GWHA 0141 428 3247 NA

Lift Faults Company Phone Number Reference
Lifts in all stock                                   

Consult Lift


0141 849 7211           Quote address and contact name.      


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