Anyone who has been a tenant of a social landlord (i.e. Council, Housing Associations and Housing Co-operatives) for six months or more can exchange their house with the tenant of another (or the same) social landlord.

We keep a list of people in the Glasgow area who would like to exchange their home with someone else.If you are interested in having your home included in this list you should complete a mutual exchange form (available from our office). If you then express interest in another property we will write out to the tenants asking if they would be interested in your home. If both parties are happy, then a written request for a mutual exchange can proceed.


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Major Works Tenant Information Leaflet

An electronic copy of our major works tenant information leaflet can be found here.


This years AGM was held on 27 June 2015, at Sandyford Henderson Church, 13 Kelvinhaugh St, Glasgow G3  8NU.   Information on the event to follow shortly.

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