Fire Action Advice for Multi-Storey Flats


May we take this opportunity to remind you of the actions to take in the event of a Fire.




• We have a “STAY PUT” policy agreed with the Fire Service. This means that unless the fire is in your flat you should stay in the flat. If there is a need to evacuate the Fire Service will supervise this.


• If you discover a fire raise the alarm immediately by telephoning 999 and ask for the Fire Service. Then notify GWHA Staff at the Concierge Office.


• If the fire is in your flat, then get out immediately taking all other occupants with you, then telephone 999.


• Close all doors and windows on the way out if safe to do so.


• Do not use lifts.


• If a smoke alarm goes off and there is not a fire in your flat, don’t open any doors that feel warm, get everybody in one room and close the door. Telephone 999.


• If possible seal the bottom of the door with wet towels, bedding etc.


• If you are near the window open it to get air and to let emergency services see you.


Things to check at night before you go to bed


• Close all internal doors to stop a fire from spreading.


• Switch off electrical heaters, blankets, TVs etc. and other items that do not need to run all night.


• Put out cigarettes and any candles safely.


• Make sure exits are clear.


• Keep door and window keys where everybody can find them







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Fire Safety

Following the tragic events at Grenfell Tower in London please click here to view Glasgow West's Statement on Fire Safety in Multi-Storey & Deck Access Properties.

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