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The Scottish Federation of Housing Associations (SFHA) Key Asks in the Scottish Elections.

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         Help to improve social landlord services…


The Scottish Housing Regulator’s role is to protect the interests of tenants, homeless people and others who use the social landlord services.  The National Panel is an important way for the SHR to hear about service users’ priorities.  All people who use social landlord services are invited to join the Panel – including tenants, homeless households, home owners receiving factoring or common repairs services from a social landlord, and Gypsy/ Travellers who use a social landlord site.  Every new member completing the survey will have the chance one of 4 x £20 prizes


To see our current survey (and join the Panel):


Online at


OR call Craigforth (who manage the Panel) on 0800 027 2245


OR email Craigforth on




Please check our vacancies page for our current vacancies.

CIH Income Management

GWHA is pleased to advise that we have been recognised by the Chartered Institute of Housing in respect of our on-going work in income management. Please see CIH Certificate of Recognition for further information.

Online Customer Portal

Your Online Customer Account is now available, select the appropriate button from the homepage which will direct you to either your tenant or owner account.